House 420m2 with 6 acres of land for sale in Veternik

260,000 € For Sale Prishtina-Veternik-

The house is located in the Veterrnik neighborhood, close to the Step Sport Center, more precisely behind the 038 neighborhood in a quiet neighborhood with easy access to the main road. The total area of the house is 420m2 and there are 6 acres of land, making it a large and spacious property to live in. The house is carefully designed and has a good plan of organizing the spaces. The house is suitable for a pleasant lifestyle and has distinctive features that make it a perfect environment to meet the needs of the family. The rough works are completed and include the physical divisions of the spaces, creating a clear and organized division between the different rooms and areas of the house. The electricity, water, sewage and heating systems are complete, guaranteeing comfort and easy use of the house. The house has this arrangement: - Ground floor: | 1 living room | 1 kitchen with table | 2 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom | 1 Warehouse | 1 Terrace | 1 Garage 1st Floor: | 3 Bedrooms (a master bedroom) | 2 Bathrooms (one in the bedroom) | 1 Lavender | 3 balconies


Status Type Condition ID
Available House Under Construction T3287

Floor plans

Gross area Interior area Bedrooms Bathrooms
420 0 5 3


  • Heating: Rrymë
  • Orienting: Lindje,Jug,Perëndim
  • Garage: 1

Property location